Mac Repair Oakville

Mac repair oakville, we care about your business  and stuff that keeps you going in your life. We understand if you break your laptop you are almost out of everything. That is why we are here to help you. Mac repair oakville is designed to help and repair any kind of problem with you macbook. If you have broken screen or software issue, Charging port broken or mouse pad is not working. We have solution for all kind of problems. Call us for free estimate. We also provide Ipad repairs, cell phone repairs, iphone repairs, samsung repairs.

Iphone 5 repair mississauga

iphone 5 repair mississauga, iphone 5 is the phone that everyone likes it and dont like to break it. But it is almost impossible no to drop your phone. but incase you drop it and crack the screen dont need to worry. We can repair your iphone while you wait. broken screen is very tricky to repair and very hard to open it. but at space electronics, our technicions are very experts to repair any kind of iphone or smart phone. iphone 5 repair mississauga is the only place where yu can have your phone repaired while you wait.

cell phone repair course training

Cell phone repair course training, Are you looking to start new business or need to learn how to fix cell phones. 3GTech is the only school where we can train you within 4 four days and you will be ready to start your own full time or part time business. Cell phone repair course or remember the name 3GTech Electronics. Goto  or you can also call 1-888-382-3382 / 647-885-8031

iphone 4 4s water damage repair etobicoke

iphone 4 4s 5 water damage repair etobicoke, we specialize in water damage repair for all kind of water damage iphones. If your phone is not turning on after you droped your iphone in water and now your phone is not turning on or having multiple issue, dont owrry at all. We can have your iphone fully fixed within 1 hour guranted. Call us or visit our store during business hours and we promise you will not be disappointed. iphone water damage repair toronto is also offered on the spot.

iphone 4 power button repair

iphone 4, 4s, 5 power button can be repaired on the spot etobicoke, toronto, mississauga. Space electronics has solution for your broken or stuck power button of your iphone. No problem is big for us, we can repair most of the issues that you are having with your smart phone. We promis we’ll fix the problem on the spot or it is free for you. We serve mississauga, toronto, etobicoke, brampton, milton or your are welcome to visit us. Free estimate is given on all of repairs.

unlock iphone 4

we can unlock all kind of smart phones. iPhone 4, 4s or iphone 5 can also be unlocked at the cheapest price. call us for more information or visit our mississauga or toronto store